Prayer is the key to a well balanced spiritual lifestyle, prayer is also our plea to God as we make needs known. As we all can relate, due to certain circumstances, sometimes we need others to lift us up in prayer. As prayer warriors there comes a time we must lift others up as they struggle, to encourage them to stay the course. The “Prayer Closet” is also a place to honor God through praise reports. Not only because God deserves it, but as a simple reminder to those in need that prayer still works. So it’s quite simple; request prayer, pray for others or leave a praise report.

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  • Please pray for the Lord to Deliver me from Adam F and remove him from my work environment. Please pray that he will no longer be able to take advantage of me and antagonize me. Thank you Lord Jesus for Hearing our prayers. God bless you all!
  • Please pray that my husband's surgery will be a success, he is having a procedure done next Monday. We pray for relief and answers. Without a miracle he could be very sick and remain in pain. God Bless you all, Tonya L.
  • My son has terminal cancer, he has a wife and three children. He is scared and is having severe mental battles at the moment. I pray that God has his way with him his name is Aaron Jr. Please say his name as you pray to the Heavens.I am so broken but I do not pray for me only him and his family.
  • I have some health issues that could potentially be fatal if not taken care of. Please pray for answers as I embark on this new journey!
  • I have some health issues that could potentially be fatal if not taken care of. Please pray for answers as I embark on this new journey!
  • To the lady that just recently lost her husband, I just wanted you to know that you are in our prayers! I can only imagine what you are going through but I know that the loneliness you are feeling is just a season for you! I pray that the Lord give you peace and comfort during this time! Remain faithful and our Lord WILL pull you through this storm!
  • I just lost my husband two weeks ago, and my children are grown and hours away. I'm so lonely and need Jesus to be with me.
    My ending result may be a nursing home. What ever God's will is I will accept it. I just miss my family.
  • I just want to thank God for standing in the gap and answering a major prayer. I also want to encourage all on this forum to STAY THE COURSE & GOD WILL HEAR YOU!!!!!
  • Please pray that I remain humble and understanding as I watch a dear family member pass on.
  • Please pray for me so I can pray for you

Praise Reports:

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  • June 20, 2023

    Join with me in praying for our church to be debt free. It’s $160,000. God is faithful.