Prayer is the key to a well balanced spiritual lifestyle, prayer is also our plea to God as we make needs known. As we all can relate, due to certain circumstances, sometimes we need others to lift us up in prayer. As prayer warriors there comes a time we must lift others up as they struggle, to encourage them to stay the course. The “Prayer Closet” is also a place to honor God through praise reports. Not only because God deserves it, but as a simple reminder to those in need that prayer still works. So it’s quite simple; request prayer, pray for others or leave a praise report.

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  • Please pray for me so I can pray for you
  • I'm embarking on a major career change in my life and I''m afraid that I may fail.

Praise Reports:

Praise Reports are listed below. 

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  • June 20, 2023

    Join with me in praying for our church to be debt free. It’s $160,000. God is faithful.