You Turn Radio is a Faith based ministry and radio station, operating on a Global level. We all remember how awesome  “old school radio” was right? We are bringing back that style of radio that used live shows, games, call-ins, an awesome mix of music, combining it with the technology of our website and internet radio. We are, however, adding a huge change, this station will always deliver a clear message. In radio today there is a very serious and dangerous problem storming the airwaves. These days, Christianity and Religion have been used lightly almost as if it’s the popular thing to do. In fact, you can tune in and hear daily devotions , prayers and scriptures followed by corrupt content in their music. The Bible says that being double minded equals instability, therefore you can’t promote both forces. According to Philippians, we are to fix our thoughts on things that are true, honorable, right, pure, lovely, admirable and worthy of praise. You Turn Radio promises this, we will flood the airwaves and internet with content and music fit for you and your family. You can trust this station to be an outlet that will be Godly and worthy of praise to our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.
    Acts 28:27 NLT, “These people are hardened, their ears can no longer hear, and they have closed their eyes –  so their eyes can not see and their ears can not hear,and their hearts can no longer understand – so they can not “TURN” to me and let me heal them”
You see, this tells us what happens when we water down the gospel, compromise with the world and conform to wickedness. Letting down our guard by not being aware of what we take in through our ears is simply not guarding our hearts, and is very dangerous. 
    We at You Turn Radio know what 2 Chronicles 7:14 truly means! We must remember that God’s promise to forgive us and heal our land (Our family as well)
comes with a “TURN”. We must turn from our wicked ways, leaving the old person behind, transforming into that person that God designed and called us to be. We must make that “TURN” and after that turn we are to guard our hearts starting with what we let in through our ears. We do not want to become what Acts 28:27 described. So the “YOU TURN” is so important to us.
   Encouraging motives, great music, entertaining LIVE shows, with God’s Word is a sure way to promote the ultimate “TURN” that God commanded of us. This world has conformed to many forms of evil and wicked ways devouring many of us, including our friends and our family. This station will promote and encourage the hurt, the lost and the conformed to “TURN” from these wicked ways, however, we will do these things through “LOVE.” We believe that this station will be a great place to find encouragement, support, faith and most of all be a voice that leads the lost to Christ.
    We all need to repent daily and understand the true meaning of a YOU-TURN, so that we may never turn back and experience the forgiveness and healing that God promised with such change. This station will be on a mission to help this world make the ultimate “TURN”. “YOU TURN RADIO ” is completed by a family of truly devoted Christians that share this same vision. We Pray that this station will change lives and encourage people at all times. 
Please tune in as we need your support and prayers. 
In God’s Love,
Roger D. Haire II